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In Business Since 1977

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A Fireworks Display Company Serving the Southeastern US (Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia), The US & Worldwide.

We articulate emotion through explosion and adding that "Extra Spark" to your event. Producing traditional displays, pyromusicals, indoor pyrotechnics and special effects of all size. 

Wholesale distributor of class b 1.3g display firework and Indoor / Close Proximity 1.4s and 1.4g product.

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A Professional Fireworks Display Company & Special Effects Production Company

Adding That "Extra Spark" in Pyrotechnics Since 1977 Charleston, SC, Atlanta, GA, NC, AL, TN, FL The US and World Wide

Professional Commercial Fireworks & Pyrotechnic Displays
Celebrate by lighting the night sky year-round for any occasion with custom designed firework shows, special effects, pyro and artistic fireworks displays both indoor and outdoor from Southeastern Pyrotechnics, a fireworks display company based in Charleston on the East Coast in South Carolina, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Asheville, NC. Southeastern Pyrotechnics is the premier provider of fireworks displays and special effects and pyromusicals in the pyrotechnic industry and fireworks business. We have custom design and choreograph teams that will work wiTh you to make your special event a night to remember. We have more than 30 years of experience planning fireworks displays and shows for towns, city's, sporting events, grand openings, July 4th, New years, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, concerts, movie, Indoor pyro and many other occasions and applications. Every show is designed to be unique and special, just like the event. In addition to traditional aerial outdoor shows we have an abundance of non-pyro and pyrotechnics special effects such as flame projectors, intelligent lighting, bubble, haze and fog machines, confetti streamers and many custom designed effects for your outdoor or indoor event. All of our pyrotechnicians are licensed, certified and meet or exceed industry standards. We supply our clients with up to 10 million dollars of liability insurance that is extended to you and others involved for added protection. We are a full service commercial fireworks display company and special effects production companies, we handle every aspect of your event as possible, which includes obtaining local and state fireworks permits and coordinating the process for you. For more information on the display process, click on the fireworks Display & Design Process Page or email us at We also have other effects available such as fog machines, bubble machines, cryojets, custom pieces, (company logos) confetti streamers custom lighting, sound systems and much more. View our references and clients to see our work and the passion that goes into every show and event. Our team members work with a vast array of customers from Fortune 500 company's to small weddings and celebrations. Call or click today. We will explain the entire process to you so don't feel intimidated. is a wholesale distributor of Class B 1.3G display fireworks and 1.4G close proximity and consumer fireworks, inquire about a price list. Contact us to request additional information and about our show pricing and packages.

Indoor Displays / Proximate Audience Shows
What is a proximate audience display? A proximate audience show is where we shoot pyrotechnics in an area where traditional fireworks could not be used. Such as near a building or roof top where the audience is in close proximity to the pyrotechnics. When planning indoor shows or shots where individuals will be close to the fireworks / pyrotechnics, such as a concert, theatrical performance, sporting event, church play, wedding, movie or TV production, we take extreme caution to ensure every ones safety. Proximate audience also applies to outdoor events, or shooting from the roof of a building. You'll have the opportunity to watch jaw-dropping pyro effects while remaining safe from harm. Mines, comets, gerbs, confetti streamers, cannon simulators, water falls and flame projectors to name a few. We listen to you. Our team members work together with you to design and bring your ideas to life. We articulate emotion through explosion. We are artists and the sky is our canvass. Call or click now. We will give your indoor show or outdoor show that "Extra Spark" it needs.

Commercial Pyrotechnics

SEPyro is involved with production companies of a vast array. We provide special effects for film and TV producers. Special effects such as bullet hits, car fires, building fires and custom built pyrotechnics pieces for almost any effect. It is our job to take what a producer or director envisions and we bring it to light. Our production technicians are seasoned in the film, TV and theater world of stage effects, and in working with production staff.

Government and Law Enforcement Training

Specialized training for government and Law enforcement agency's is a special division of SEPyro. Pyrotechnics Support Services assists in training and in providing support for special programs for our government and law enforcement community. You must call or email to obtain additional information.

Outdoor Fireworks Displays and Shows

You may choose from one of our signature series packages or let us custom design a full "turn key" display for you. What is a "turn key display"? A turn key firework display is a full service experience. Southeastern Pyro listens to what type of event you have and work with you to pick a theme and effects to incorporate into your event. Then our design team spends dedicated hours designing every second of your show, Taking care of everything from permits to pre-display setup through post display clean up. Attention to every detail. Want to add music to sync the show, we can do that also, see Pyromusicals. We prepare mind-blowing computer choreographed displays for outdoor shows and indoor events, indoor pyro and special effects for concerts, political events, parties, weddings, sporting events, July 4th, fairs, festivals and so many more. Learn more about the state of the art computers and equipment we use to enhance your shoot.  The displays we choreograph are memorable for all, and your guests will have lasting memories of your event. Call us today and speak with a team member about your special day.
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Call (877) 396-9348 today to find the perfect special effects or show that will give your event that "Extra Spark" it needs. Free quote, never an obligation. We're here for you, so give us a call! You have nothing to lose and a fabulous display to gain!

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Company History
Southeastern Pyrotechnics
is a professional fireworks display company and special effects company and  leading the fireworks business into todays advanced technical world. SEPyro is dedicated to the art of pyrotechnic excellence by maintaining only the highest customer service with only the finest product and unparalleled dedication to you the customer. We are a part of your community. The team members at SEPyro live in your neighborhood. We call the entire South East home. Home based in Charleston, South Carolina with offices and team members in Georgia , North Carolina , Tennessee , Alabama and many more. Our display company has been setting the standard for quality control in the pyrotechnic industry since 1977, as well as providing fireworks displays, special effects and indoor shows of only the highest quality. We have supplied the highest quality display fireworks and special effects to many other pyrotechnic companies. We pride ourselves the most because we are a full service pyrotechnic company, call or click to see why this is so important. Southeastern Pyrotechnics was built based on the principles of customer service, satisfaction and the art of articulating emotion through explosions. Call us today to see just how important customer service is to us. Enjoy your next celebration with fireworks, light the night sky and let us add that "Extra Spark" to your next event.
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Service Area Includes:
The Southeastern United States

South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia,
We also produce world class events all over the US and the World

Service Area:
Southeastern United States, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, & Nationwide
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.